Five Types of Mortgage Marketing Videos To Build Business

Video can make business feel personal, especially in a world of digital mortgages. If you are considering making the move to video, you may not be familiar with the following different types of video available for mortgage marketing: Intro Video

    • How did you get into the mortgage industry?
    • What do you do?
    • Why do you do it?
    • Why will it benefit your clients?
    • Do you have a team?
    • Have you shown your office or introduced the people who support you?

Product Video

    • Specialty products/services you offer
    • What’s your niche program?
    • Do you have bond loans or down payment assistance programs you can explain?
    • Credit repair info
    • Anything that sets you apart from the competition

Stats Video

    • Statistics for popular cities or areas
    • Examples of success in the area to which you are marketing
    • Explaining documents such as Closing Disclosures

Monthly Updates Video

    • What is going on in the industry?
    • What’s going on in the market?
    • What’s happening in town?
    • What is the holiday?
    • What can you answer or solve in this video?

Testimonial Video

    • Have a customer share how you improved their home buying experience
    • Tell a story of the successes you have had
    • Share challenges that buyers face
    • Have your real estate partners tell stories about working with you

Don’t forget to have birthday or home loan anniversary videos at the ready for the special people you have helped!