Using Instagram to Grow Your Business For Mortgage and Real Estate

With over 1 billion active monthly users, Instagram is one of the world’s fastest-growing social media platforms. It’s also a tremendous tool for the mortgage and real estate industry, where Instagram can be used in a number of ways to generate leads, sales and referrals. With an easy-to-use, aesthetically pleasant layout, Instagram is the perfect social media platform for real estate agents to share home listings and features as well as mortgage planners to share home closings and other mortgage marketing photos. Follow the steps below to create a top-notch Instagram account for growing your mortgage or real estate business!

    1. Make sure you are using Instagram’s business profile feature. If you already have an Instagram account, you can easily switch it to a business profile and maintain all your existing data. If you are setting up an account for the first time, make sure to select the business account-type upon creation.
    2. It’s important to optimize your Instagram account by making your public profile clean and professional. In the “bio” space, include your contact information and a short description of how you can help homebuyers find and purchase their dream home. Make sure your profile photo is both friendly and career-oriented. If you are reworking your existing profile, you will want to delete any past photos or videos that do not represent your current branding.
    3. There are many different ways to make your Instagram profile stand out from other profiles in the mortgage and real estate industries. Instagram business accounts allow access to your followers’ demographic data so you can see when they are most active and plan posts accordingly. Be bold. The age-old concept of bright colors still applies; use photo filters to capture audience attention and make viewers pause mid-scroll for your post.
    4. Hashtags, geotags and profile tags will help your business profile be discovered because you can tag businesses, locations and partners’ profiles in your posts. Relevant hashtags will be searched by your potential clientele.
    5. Another great way to gain followers, including business partners and potential clients, is following others on Instagram. Check out local community influencers and residents and find local business owners to add to your account.

Instagram is a terrific yet simple platform for generating great results for any business! The mortgage and real estate industries are no exception and creating an Instagram business profile to ramp up your real estate and mortgage marketing efforts is sure to help you win leads.  To view more Instagram tips for real estate, click here.