BombBomb Offers Sincerity in Video Marketing

bomb bomb video marketing

BombBomb is a video marketing tool for email that lets users establish relationships through recorded videos that can be sent from essentially any location via text, email and social media platforms. Whether users are working from their office or on the go, BombBomb can be utilized to ramp up marketing efforts.  One of the biggest advantages of BombBomb is how it connects users with their customers using a level of sincerity that cannot be achieved by traditional email or messaging. BombBomb, in essence, puts users face-to-face with their customers and offers the kind of humanization that can greatly improve the effectiveness of digital marketing.  Several specific features make BombBomb a great solution for video email marketing. First, BombBomb requires no attachments. Videos can be clicked on and played immediately. Second, animated three-second previews are generated so recipients see the sender’s face when opening the message. Finally, videos can be recorded and played back on every device.

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