Facebook Groups for Real Estate and Mortgage

Facebook is an excellent medium for creating a sense of community and building new spheres of influence. Location-specific Facebook groups are ideal for sharing news and showing potential customers homes that may be of interest. For example, if you create a group called “Seattle Homes for Sale,” you may not have a lot of people interested in the conversations you begin. But if the group is called “Best places to live in Seattle,” you would establish a group where everyone feels welcome.  You can invite all your friends from Facebook to your new group and encourage others to share invitations to the group. Starting a “closed” group means you will need to approve members before they can join.

The biggest key is to start conversations and have others start conversations about up-and-coming communities, festivals and happenings, news of the area and much more. Once people start feeling bonded, they will begin conversations of their own. Engagement is incredibly important when it comes to creating the sense of community that fuels the group.\n\nVarious options are available for engaging people in conversation. Group members can share photos and videos, and you can create polls where people can vote on their favorite restaurants, neighborhoods, stores and more. Members can ask others for recommendations on everything from home repairs to schools.  Starting is easy. Simply follow the instructions found here and then invite your sphere to join. Keep your content fresh and allow it to grow!

Just remember that Facebook groups can be for homebuying professionals just as much as buyers. Real estate agents and loan officers often view their peers as competition but creating a Facebook group allows you to have open discussions with each other about the market and changes in the industries. If you have a group that you mastermind with, it is a perfect opportunity to build a network in a Facebook group. Try starting a group called “Seattle Real Estate Professionals,” and watch your group develop.