Video Content Ideas for Mortgage Professionals

video content ideas

Videos are an important and personal way for you to connect with your business partners and customers. There are many smart ways to create good, sharable content, but you also must evaluate the effectiveness of what you are creating. For example, if only your mortgage peers are viewing and commenting, you may need to try new tactics such as the ones below.

Best Practices for Mortgage Videos

    1. Be clear and concise
    2. Start with an introduction
    3. Give a brief description of what you are going to cover
    4. Center the video around the story, and keep the video focused and coherent
    5. Showcase your personality
    6. Educate and add value
    7. Less is more: 45-60 seconds is a sweet spot
    8. Include a Call to Action such as how to contact you or visit your website
    9. Thank viewers for watching
    10. Post the video on your social media platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and more)

Tips for Making a Video Shine

    1. Thank viewers for watching
    2. Set your intention by identifying your audience and what you want their takeaway to be
    3. Visualize it: Think about what the person on the other side of the screen will be seeing and hearing
    4. Develop a script
    5. Use bullet points to keep it simple
    6. Pause between thoughts
    7. Break up the script into small blurbs

Two Ways You Can Use the Video

    • One-off: Specific to an individual and situation
    • Evergreen: Recorded once and can be used multiple times

Check out our next video blog to learn more about video best practices and topics you can use to create videos.