Are You Killing Your Sales?

mortgage sales

Let’s be honest about dealing with leads — there are two kinds of salespeople:

    1. The moment you receive the lead, you are all over it all the time. You are texting and calling so much you are making Glenn Close from the 1987 hit movie “Fatal Attraction” look passive.
    2. You completely ignore the lead because you are “too busy” with more pressing matters.

The reality is that the lending business is no longer about chasing down leads and asking for referrals as much as it is about creating true conversations and conversions. What good are leads if you are going to ignore them?  What’s worse is drowning the lead in communication. If you are emailing, calling, using chatbots, texting ineffectively from random codes instead of a real phone number, sending videos, popping out of the bushes in front of their apartment, and hiring a skywriter, are you converting or stalking?  Leads need to be nourished slowly but well. Marketing is an art, just like sales. You have to find the balance, the pitch and the patience to create a relationship. Don’t let what happens in the short movie clip below happen to you.