Forget a CRM. You need a CDP.

customer data platform

You can’t have a conversation in the mortgage space without someone asking for advice on which CRM is the right mortgage CRM. While we answered this question in another article, we would certainly say that CRMs are a thing of the past. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Manager, which was great when all business was referral-based, but in this current age of lead management and machine learning, we need to be looking forward.

CDP stands for Customer Data Platform, and that’s a place where all data can be stored, analyzed for behavior and opportunity, and used effectively. A CDP could save a mortgage originator time and energy when building acquisition strategies.  With any platform, it’s the integrations and the UX that make the product important. Knowing when to talk with your database, how to talk with them and the method of communication they prefer goes a long way toward understanding and listening to their needs, respecting that balance and providing excellent marketing solutions.