Maxwell Delivers a Modern Borrower Experience

modern mortgage lending

After experiencing frustration and exhaustion in their own home buying and refinancing journeys, three friends decided to focus their efforts on ensuring no one else would endure the same complications in the future. In 2015, the founders of Maxwell delved into thorough research by consulting with hundreds of people involved in different stages of the mortgage process. With newfound knowledge gleaned from a combination of loan officers, home buyers and real estate agents, Maxwell was able to create a modern platform that makes mortgages fun and fulfilling.  Accessible from any device, Maxwell’s intuitive platform helps borrowers easily find their place in the mortgage process at any time.

From the first point in the process, Maxwell’s “smart 1003” makes applying for a mortgage incredibly simple for users. If any actionable items are required, Maxwell makes it easy for borrowers to locate the necessary documents by connecting to thousands of financial institutions for imports and uploads. Secure cloud storage allows documents to be kept in a searchable and sort-able exchange, accessible to both the loan officer and borrower. Documents can even be added through camera capture on smartphones. 

While the loan officer’s job is automatically simplified by the improved borrower experience, Maxwell tailors other aspects of the system to technologies already being used by a mortgage company, creating an exemplary, multi-faceted product. The Maxwell technology can be housed on the loan officer’s existing domain, with customizable branding so the borrower never has to be separated from the experience of a mortgage company’s logo and color scheme. As long as the LOS is powered by Fannie Mae or can accept the Maxwell API, it can be automatically integrated for borrower information and status updates. Pulling credit reports is easily done using the MeridianLink integration. A growing list of numerous other applications can also connect to Maxwell. 

Concerned with more than the financial transaction aspects of a home, Maxwell dedicates time to providing homes for those in need. The company strives to address the global issue of homelessness and hopes to one day be in a world where no one has to worry about basic needs and survival. In a short span of four years, Maxwell has joined with New Story to build over 1,600 homes.\n\nBased in Denver, Colorado but with customers throughout the country, Maxwell is a fast-growing company with a clear vision. Dedicated to mortgage companies regardless of their size, Maxwell has a feature-based pricing structure with added flexibility to accommodate the way each team already enjoys doing business.  To explore the Maxwell product offerings, click here or see below.