DocProbe: A Document-Fulfillment Service Streamlining Transactions

mortgage document fufillment

DocProbe is a top national provider of document fulfillment services. By delivering trailing document services customized to fit specific business models, DocProbe has become one of the nation’s leading document-service companies. Through services such as documentation retrieval, title policy retrieval, imaging, indexing and document warehousing, DocProbe ensures that customers save time and effort in transactions. DocProbe serves both mortgage lenders and investors in several ways.

Here’s what DocProbe provides to lenders:

    • trailing document retrieval and investor submission
    • retrieval of all trailing docs, including recording documents and title policy information
    • uploading of documents to a custom web portal that can be accessed by the client
    • mailing of documents to investors as well as following up with investors on outstanding documents

Here’s what DocProbe provides to investors:

    • client follow-up of trailing documents
    • online access and client reporting of all outstanding documents
    • a review process catered to individual business requirements
    • follow-up on fees and document retrieval
    • submission and mailing of documents

DocProbe understands how important it is for financial transactions to contain all the necessary documentation. As a result, DocProbe takes ownership of the documentation in a transaction to prevent the client from having to chase, compile and organize paperwork.

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