10 Ways for Digital Mortgages to Feel Personal

digital mortgages

Mortgage professionals can offer mixed reviews on technology and how it fits into creating a seamless experience for their homebuyers. Systems exist that allow for this marriage of technology and personal relationships, and that makes a world of difference in taking some of the paperwork burden and follow-up off the shoulders of loan originators.

Below are some tips on how to sell value while allowing systems and technology to work for you.

Understand your brand:

Knowing how to articulate your value is incredibly important. One of the keys in sales is being able to explain the difference between you and your competition in a simple, clear way, without being negative.

Create loyalty by listening instead of selling

Allow your customer to explain their fears, excitement and objections. Guide them truthfully and make sure to answer all their questions.

Remember that trust is everything

Systems and technology are great, but trust starts with a human connection and a willingness to be vulnerable. If a buyer is trusting you with the biggest decision of their life, they want to talk with a real person.

Service is valuable

Answer your phone when they call. Make time for every question. The delivery of your customer service sets you apart from technology.

Deliver messaging to the right platforms at the right time

Too much is too much for everyone. Put yourself in your customer’s position — would you want the process to feel easy and convenient? Allow them to choose among calls, text, video and email, and then have the ability to deliver to all of those platforms.

Your websites and application should be user-friendly

If applying for a loan is complicated and overwhelming, a customer may stop filling in information. With so many amazing technology platforms available when applying for a home loan, the time for updating your process is now.

Form relationships through social media

Long gone are the times of hiding behind your social media profile. Pick a platform that you are comfortable connecting on and make sure you create a bond.

Make instructions clear

Remember that you do this every day, but patience and clear communication of needs will make a big difference in not stressing out your customers.

Share the process with them

You should be using a CRM that makes life and updates very easy. That CRM should explain everything to the buyer and prepare them for what comes next.

Don’t put them on the referral hamster wheel once they close

It’s important to receive their feedback and create a few raving fans, but don’t inundate your database with requests for more business. Keep the level of respect throughout the next few months by providing value when you reach out.

At Intent, we understand that the balance between human relationships and technology is very important, and we work hard to play a key role in integrating the systems you need when you need them.