Yext Provides Brand Consistency Through Digital Knowledge Management

digital knowledge management

One of the biggest marketing struggles that businesses face is brand consistency. While it’s important for consumers to experience consistent branding across the digital universe, this is often difficult to achieve. As a leading Digital Knowledge Management platform, Yext aims to give its client companies control over their customers’ experience across a range of digital platforms that include maps, apps and search engines.  Through the Yext Knowledge Engine, a company can manage the consumer-facing aspects of its brand everywhere that it appears online. When Yext customers need to update locations, holiday hours and other professional credentials, the cloud-based Yext Knowledge Manager ensures that the information is correct across all digital platforms. The great brand experiences and rich customer interactions that Yext creates for businesses then have the power to increase brand engagement, drive foot traffic and boost sales.

Yext serves a variety of industries, including automotive, financial services, food services, government, healthcare, hospitality and retail. In addition to providing Digital Knowledge Management, Yext offers digital knowledge solutions. Regardless of how many locations a Yext customer may have, Yext offers solutions such as data cleansing and duplicate listing suppression to ensure that business-harming data issues do not exist. Additionally, Yext provides a management system for Google My Business pages, as well as SEO-friendly web pages proven to increase inbound search traffic.  Named by Fortune as a “Best Place to Work,” Yext is headquartered in New York City and has offices in Berlin, Chicago, Dallas, Geneva, London, Paris, San Francisco, Shanghai, Tokyo and Washington D.C.

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