Use Google Analytics To Optimize Marketing

google analytics

Google Analytics is an incredible tool that allows users to measure advertising ROI (return on investment) as well as track and report website traffic. Below are four ways that Google Analytics can analyze data to optimize marketing efforts.

Create a Custom Dashboard

You may be familiar with the default dashboard that is visible when logging into Google Analytics, but did you know you can create and customize a personal dashboard? Dashboards in Analytics consist of widgets that can be created and organized to fit many needs. Widget types include metric, timeline, geomap, table, pie and bar and can be created in multiple instances. Once widgets are created, they can then be edited and cloned for custom dashboards.

Email Weekly Reports

Users not interested in regularly logging in and manually managing Google Analytics can share reports via email. Setting this up requires just a few steps:

    1. Open the report you’d like to receive through email.
    2. Click “Share” (across from the report title).
    3. The email address you used as your login is listed in the “From”
    4. In the “To” field, enter a comma-separated list of email addresses.
    5. Enter a subject and select the attachment format and frequency.
    6. Click ADVANCED OPTIONS and select an “Active For” period.
    7. Use the text field to enter the body of your email.
    8. Click “Send.”

View Behavior Flow

The Behavior Flow report is a powerful tool that shows the path that users traveled on a website, across various pages or events. This feature lets users see what on the website is effective at keeping visitors engaged. In addition to highlighting content that is generating visitor responses, the Behavior Flow report also reveals the content that isn’t receiving much traction, along with potential website issues that exist. To access the Behavior Flow report:

    1. Sign in to Google Analytics.
    2. Navigate to your view.
    3. Open reports.
    4. Select “Behavior,” then “Behavior Flow.”

Be Aware of Site Speed

Site speed is an important factor in determining how a website is ranked. A well-optimized, speedy site greatly enhances the user experience, which in turn improves a site’s ranking. For a site to be considered quick, it must have a load time of under three seconds or, at the most, four seconds. Google Analytics offers the ability to analyze site speed and page timings (the detailed analysis of individual pages) with a few easy clicks. To see the site speed reports:

    1. Sign in to Google Analytics.
    2. Navigate to your view.
    3. Open reports.
    4. Select “Behavior,” then “Site Speed.”

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