Ephesoft is Serving up Document-Technology Solutions

document technology solutions

Ephesoft is a document-capture solutions company focused on helping client companies increase productivity and efficiency through patented machine-learning technology. Ephesoft’s technology makes extracting data more affordable and easier to access for companies of all sizes.  A disrupter in the document-capture industry, Ephesoft moved from simple data collection to document intelligence when the company introduced a product called Smart Capture that gleans actionable information from customers. Smart Capture can be run on-site or in the cloud, which means lower entry costs and easier implementation. 

For the mortgage industry, Ephesoft provides solutions that address several document intensive processes throughout the loan life cycle. Ephesoft’s Transact for mortgage is a cloud-based modular platform pre-trained to recognize and classify more than 600 mortgage document types, speeding up processing speeds for mortgage lenders. It performs smart document capture into your existing LOS and enables underwriters and mortgage loan processors to upload loan documents, which are automatically classified and separated before being validated and exported into a LOS.  Ephesofts’s Transact for mortgage provides workflow efficiency by automatically determining the documents needed to process loans, along with the documents that are ancillary — such as cover pages, blank sheets of paper and invoices that are often attached to appraisal documents. Ephesoft removes the superfluous content and focuses on high-value documents such as loan applications and tax returns that can be categorized into batches.  Ephesoft helps mortgage lenders by providing the tools for closing loans faster, with less manual effort. Benefits of Ephesoft’s Transact for mortgage include:

    • A streamlined workflow to close loans faster
    • Lower cost-per-loan, thanks to increased accuracy and efficiencyt
    • A decreased chance of identify fraud
    • Improved compliance and audits
    • Integration within line-of-business systems
    • Availability through the cloud or as an on-premisesservice

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