Jane.ai Improves Productivity With Immediate Information Retrieval

artificial intelligence

Jane.ai is a new platform for artificial intelligence, seeking to make the retrieval of information simple for its users through calls to action consisting of casual language. This is especially helpful for busy mortgage loan officers who are always on the go but need to be available to answer their clients’ questions. Integrated with Encompass and AllRegs, Jane.ai allows loan officers to save hours each day searching through customer files and regulations. Jane.ai is accessible on any device through Slack, Skype and more, and is thus at users’ fingertips no matter one’s physical location.  Founded in St. Louis, Missouri, Jane.ai is backed by midwestern investors. Inspired by statistics showing the large amount of company time wasted in searching through various venues for information, Jane.ai sought to find a solution.

The three main functions of Jane.ai — integrating with key systems, mining documents for information, and capturing your team’s tribal knowledge — make the fully functional artificial intelligence system your best personal assistant.  Voted Best Show at Digital Mortgage 2018, the Jane.ai software is being recognized on a large scale. Jane.ai is already followed by the likes of Washington University in St. Louis and USA Mortgage, and is growing at a rapid pace and being utilized by many different industries. From HR systems, to customer service and help desk functionality, Jane.ai can serve many purposes.  Jane.ai can save companies thousands of dollars each year by eliminating most administrative tasks. When “in the zone,” Jane.ai saves the interruptions required to search through systems, apps, websites, documents and more. Not only can Jane.ai search through your cloud drive; “she” can even search within the documents and files located there. The company time and money spent focused on important tasks instead of tedious research creates happier employees and managers.

Perhaps the most fascinating feature of Jane.ai is “her” learning ability, through the chosen “CoPilot” of the software. If there is a question asked for which “she” cannot find a fast answer, the inquiry is passed to a human designed as the CoPilot. After the answer is provided to Jane.ai, it is returned to the initial inquirer, and Jane.ai stores and remembers the answer permanently, in case the question is asked again in the future.A great solution for anyone in the mortgage industry who prefers spending time nurturing customers instead of diving into countless venues to hunt information, Jane.ai offers a more efficient way to schedule your day. Investing in artificial intelligence technology can be the key to more lucrative business.

More about Jane.ai is available here.