Roostify: An Intelligent Home Lending Solution

A product designed on the basis of consumers’ needs, mortgage technology platform Roostify makes it easy for mortgage planners to offer customers a user-friendly, exclusively online mortgage experience.

The Roostify platform was built with a focus on digitization, automation and collaboration. Together, these elements create increased transparency among parties, improved foresight on loan logistics, and a more efficient origination process for loan officers and customers.  Through the Roostify platform, customers can view a dynamic and mobile-responsive online loan application that can be quickly completed. Once the application is sent, the customer can submit documents, keep in touch with all parties, and track the loan’s progress online. This provides a streamlined workflow with less time spent manually processing loan files or coordinating parties in the transaction.

The document management sector of Roostify allows data and documents to be seamlessly shared and integrate with LOS software. When a consumer submits an application, Roostify then generates a list based on underwriting guidelines and consumer data of documents needed and when they are to be delivered. If a third party is added to the transaction, a list is automatically generated for them as well. Roostify sends automated notifications when tasks are added or completed, making it simple to keep track of outstanding tasks.

Founded in 2014 and based in San Francisco, Roostify is a mortgage technology company aiming to change the way consumers purchase homes.

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