Offerpad Is Transforming The Way Homes Are Sold

electronic home offer

Worried about how long it might take to sell your home? Eager to secure a quick, competitive offer? Want to avoid the stress of a home showing or an open house? Offerpad is the answer.  Using on-demand home offer technology, the Phoenix-based company gives sellers a platform to secure a fair and fast purchase offer for their home, contract and close — all without many of the hassles associated with traditional real estate selling.  Although Offerpad has only been formally in business since 2015, its vision was laid in 2009 when Brian Bair and Jerry Coleman, two real estate professionals with a plan for creating a better home selling experience, teamed up and started selling thousands of homes throughout the United States. In the six years that followed, Bair and Coleman gained a deep understanding of the often-enormous challenges of trying to sell. They concluded there must be a way to avoid the all-too common stressors such as landing on an equitable selling price, preparing for showings, negotiating a deal, finding movers and waiting for the closing date. Offerpad was therefore launched with a clear objective: Reinvent the home sale process by providing sellers with convenience, control and certainty. And that, in a nutshell, is what Offerpad does.  Here’s how the process works with Offerpad:

    1. Request a no-obligation offer on your home. This is done by clicking here and providing Offerpad your address and some details about your home’s upgrades and condition. Pictures are optional but encouraged. It takes only about five minutes to fill out the form.
    2. Offerpad’s team of analysts both looks at the company’s powerful algorithm and evaluates the factors that set your home apart. This review takes only about 24 hours and, once complete, Offerpad will email you its formal offer.
    3. Once you have received your offer, select your options. These include Offerpad’s “Free Local Move,” its “Extended Stay” after closing, and more.
    4. Offerpad will send the purchase contract. If you approve, simply sign online and you will be under contract.
    5. Offerpad will perform an on-site home inspection to verify the condition of your home.
    6. Offerpad allows you to pick your closing date and change the date if At closing, Offerpad pays the agreed-upon selling price and formally purchases your home.

Offerpad is now buying homes in the metro areas of Atlanta, Charlotte, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orlando, Phoenix, Tampa and Salt Lake City. Beginning in November 2018, Offerpad will extend its coverage to the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area.

Click here for more on how Offerpad can buy your home, and to also learn about the homes you can purchase through Offerpad.