Homebuyers Do Their Homework


Purchase power is driven by today’s unlimited online resources, and home buyers are likely going to do a Google search for every real estate agent, mortgage company and most other aspects of the mortgage process. With so much education at their fingertips, home buyers are now in the driver’s seat when it comes to the buying experience that they expect, and we — the purveyors of the customer experience — need to understand when to allow technology to walk them through the process as well as how to personally guide them when they need advice or have questions.  It’s a new way of doing business, but one that will doubtlessly change the road map from buyer acquisition through the sales cycle.

Partnering effectively means that real estate professionals and mortgage professionals work together to nurture leads and create solutions for problems, instead of insisting that the model that has existed is the only way for the future.  But with so much technology available and many resistant to the ideas that borrowing a huge sum of money is as easy as clicking a button or that finding a home is as easy as taking a virtual tour and making an offer, the home buying end-to-end solution needs to give seamless instruction with cohesive messaging that serves the customer. Anything besides one platform that will meet those needs means remembering passwords to a variety of apps, sifting through emails and texts from multiple vendors, and feeling overwhelmed. That is not how these industries will drive business moving forward.

There has never been a time when the right messaging with the right timing on a succinct platform designed and branded to your company has been more critical to the sales funnel. Luckily, Intent provides guidance and support for the home buying industries in a multitude of ways that will revolutionize how opportunities are sought, cultivated, respected and, ultimately, converted.  The digital mortgage is here. The digital home buying process has begun. Make sure you are ready.