Digital Profiles are Better Than a Notebook When Building Your Database

digital profile

Most industries are experiencing an increase in technological innovation, and mortgage origination is no exception. The request for digital solutions to basic inconveniences spans from this generation of millennial back to even baby boomer loan officers desiring a simpler way to automate their basic tasks. The significant growth of electronic communication will only continue to escalate, and it is important to keep up with this trend. With even Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac embracing the new wave of mortgage technology, lenders no longer have an excuse to lag behind.  Since loan regulations limit a mortgage planner’s ability to be competitive with product offerings in the home buying industry, the edge lies within efficiency and customer experience. Any obstacles you face when giving up your notebook and pen can be easily tackled and will save you enough time and money to cancel out any learning curve that comes about when making the transition.

Customer Relationship Management software, when used properly, is more than just a digital rolodex. Not only will you impress your client base with the speediness of your responses; you will simplify your daily routine.  Adding digital aspects to your process and marketing does not negate the personal touch required for a successful mortgage transaction. In fact, these automation can increase how much time you can devote to each of your borrowers and business partners. Transparent notifications of the status throughout the process prevent unnecessary anxiety and build trust.

In addition, initiating multi-channel communication can reassure your borrowers and business partners of your availability in case they encounter issues or have inquiries. This allows the borrower to customize and drive their own experience through the level of interaction desired, and when they prefer automation over conversation, your time is available for those who require more hands-on support.  Staying in touch after the transaction has been completed can be just a click away, providing you with customers and business partners for life. And if you do not want to remove the print marketing aspect of your brand entirely, your digital database can quickly transform into a label sheet for easily addressed envelopes. Without losing your identity and personal touches, a digital database can enhance your business and customer experience.