Lender Price Is Changing The Mortgage Technology Game For Loan Originators

mortgage technology

How do mortgage planners go about finding a fair price on a mortgage loan? Lender Price, a big-data digital lending platform and mortgage technology innovator powered by machine-learning algorithms, offers the perfect solution. Billed as the “most flexible pricing engine on the market” and based in Pasadena, California, Lender Price offers an “openly accessible marketplace” for mortgage planners to price loans with hundreds of lenders in a real-time environment.

With Lender Price, loan originators gain instant access to thousands of loan programs and can easily identify their unique pricing position in the marketplace through competitive analytics that use mortgage technology to reveal “actionable insight into pricing blind spots.” Competitor pricing is available 24/7 using any web browser or mobile device.

Lender Price’s product pricing and eligibility (PPE) platform delivers innovative features that include built-in compliance checks, capital market tools, margin management, lock desk, customized workflows and mobile functionality. In short: Lender Price empowers loan originators to focus on what they do best, by removing the burden of technology development and management.  The only requirement for full access to all the tools that Lender Price has to offer? Just be a licensed loan originator with the NMLS.  To get started, visit lenderprice.com and select a lender. Only one registration is needed to view all lenders — which include, but are not limited to Quicken Loans, ditech, CMG Financial, Citadel and Newfi Wholesale.

Lender Price provides product pricing and eligibility across all mortgage products (conforming, non-confirming, hard money, specialty loans, etc.) and equips loan originators with innovative technologies that enhance user experience and streamline the mortgage loan process. These mortgage technologies help lenders both remain competitive and stay compliant in today’s ultra-competitive housing market.  While most legacy pricing engines were built in the late 1990s or early 2000s, Lender Price is equipped with technologies specifically aimed to handle today’s pricing and product eligibility challenges. Lender Price’s integration partners include, among others, include Equifax, Ellie Mae, Black Knight, Fannie Mae and Docutech.

To learn more about Lender Price, visit the company’s website or request a demo.