Value Connect is Reshaping The Home Appraisal Process

home appraisal

Built for and by real estate industry experts, Value Connect makes the real estate appraisal process better and easier for mortgage lenders, appraisers, brokers and their clients.  Since Value Connect was launched in 2015, the core idea behind the Ontario, Canada-based company’s process has been simple: Eliminate mortgage planners from choosing their appraiser, thus ensuring independent, unbiased and fair reports.  While that might not sound like a good thing for loan originators, it actually couldn’t be more ideal. Here’s why: The Value Connect platform anonymously connects lenders — as well as brokers and underwriters — with experienced, accredited expert appraisers who possess a keen understanding of the local market.

Tired of dealing with appraisal fee changes, missed deadlines, incomplete appraisal reports and the challenges of partnering with out-of-town appraisers? Value Connect eliminates all of these.  Value Connect’s appraisal reports include property photos, graphs and a streamlined flow of information. Report accuracy is at a premium, thanks to built-in validation tools that ensure that all information critical to the report has been considered.  To close on a loan, simply order a Smart Appraisal Report from Value Connect. Average turnaround time for a report is just three business days — and it may be faster. Equally beneficial is the level of detail in every Value Connect report, which offers more in-depth and consistent information than a mortgage planner has probably ever experienced.  The customer service team with Value Connect is also available to carefully guide clients through the process and answer any questions or future questions.  Following are the four main reasons why loan originators appreciate Value Connect’s Smart Appraisal Reports:

    1. Ordering is super-easy and can be done through a mobile device.
    2. A long as an accurate report order is placed, the appraisal fee will never change.
    3. Expertise is guaranteed — and in less time.
    4. Updates are readily available.

Here’s how the process works:

    1. Fill out a Smart Order. Once completed, Value Connect will provide a quote within seconds and an account representative will be there to provide step-by-step guidance.
    2. Once the appraiser receives the order and completes the appraisal, he or she will submit a detailed report using Value Connect’s intuitive software.
    3. Finally, receive an online appraisal report that includes photos, video (where available) and audio commentary pertaining to the newly appraised home.

Sign up for Value Connect or click here for a customized demo of the Value Connect report ordering system.