Built Is Revolutionizing Construction Lending

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As the leading software for construction lenders, Built is designed to mitigate risk and simplify construction loan management. Not only does Built connect everyone involved in the post-closing administration processes; it automates manual processes and reporting.  Using both a desktop and mobile app, Built creates unique workflows that cater to all types of construction loan products for a seamless transaction.

All lenders, borrowers and builders involved in the process have a unique portal experience throughout the loan process. Through the use of smart budgets and inspection sheets, Built eliminates spreadsheets and organizes documents in a single, shareable and downloadable location. Additionally, Built allows users to access information needed for accurate reporting and risk management.  On average, mortgage lenders using Built experienced a 70% decrease in draw turnaround time as well as an 80% reduction in report preparation time.

Built is the only construction loan management software that is endorsed by the American Bankers Association.  To learn more about Built, click here.