Infutor: Everything You Need To Know About Consumers

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With an increase in industry demand for targeting and scale, the ability to harness customers’ insights and turn data into effective action is pivotal to the success of any business. Not only will customer knowledge help you better shape products and services; it will potentially save you mounds of money misspent on unqualified leads and poor strategies.  Infutor Data Solutions Inc. offers solutions aimed at creating personalized engagement and delivering more relevant, timely campaigns. Infutor maintains a data repository named Identity Graph that assembles consumer identities, profile attributes and intelligence to aid businesses in driving conversions and making informed decisions.  Headquartered in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, Infutor provides solutions stretching from identity recognition and ID cloud services to data licensing and cleansing. Here’s a breakdown of some of Infutor’s key features:

Identity Verification, Scoring and Updating

Inbound inquiries are enhanced, completed and updated with contact details and actionable attributes that may include demographics, buying power, housing and automobile ownership, and lifestyles. These data elements are then given a score from 0 to 100, according to accuracy.

ID Cloud

ID Cloud allows for easy, on-demand data hosting and monitoring in a secure domain. If your customers move, change phone numbers or add email addresses, you will know how to reach them. Multiple entries for one customer are linked to a single identity profile with the most up-to-date information for that consumer.

Identity Marketplaces

The Marketplaces platform enables you to build custom and lookalike audiences to expand the reach and effectiveness of omnichannel marketing campaigns. Prospects can be targeted by a number of criteria and refined through predictive indicators to build segmented, high-propensity audiences.

Identity Enrichment and Append

With this product, Infutor fills critical gaps in your customer and prospect identify data to paint a complete picture of your customers. Based on a snippet of information such as a single input phone number or email, Infutor can provide name, physical address and additional demographic and behavioral attributes.

Data Cleansing and Normalization

Data hygiene services include name parsing; CASS certified address standardization and correction; NCOA and PCOA move updates; date of birth and date of death data. Additionally, if certain contacts appear more than once with conflicting information, links across datasets determine what’s accurate.  In the mortgage industry, for example, Infutor’s Property Owners Data can dramatically increase speed to lead and speed to dial — and even level the playing field for smaller lenders — by providing consumer insights and predictive attributes such as home value, purchase date, property descriptors and mortgage information.  Introduced in July 2018, ReachSmart Digital ID is the latest addition to Infutor’s consumer identity solutions. It adds up to 10 email addresses to each first-party customer and prospect record in a marketer’s CRM or CDP database. Founded in 2003, the company serves a wide array of clients, from marketing agencies to mortgage loan originators. In 2016, Infutor received a large strategic investment backed by the growth equity team at Norwest Venture Partners.

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