BlueRush: Amplifying a Brand’s Digital Engagement

customer engagement

Boasting an impressive financial services industry tenure that has spanned more than three decades, BlueRush is a digital solutions company that grows and retains businesses by strategizing, conceptualizing, designing, developing and implementing engaging customer experiences.  The mission of BlueRush is to enable brands to more effectively communicate with their existing customers, prospects and internal staff, via mobile mechanisms and through the power of social media. BlueRush creates custom experiences by optimizing a brand’s reach and message with top-of-the-line Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools and practices along with cutting-edge tracking and analytics software available 24/7.

In addition to deep expertise in the world of home loans and mortgages, BlueRush offers services in retail banking, deposits and insurance. All this expertise has helped leading financial organizations successfully launch countless products, generate better leads and create winning sales conversations. Whether on traditional websites, smartphones or tablets, BlueRush is all about equipping clients with the tools they need to be successful and keep their customers satisfied.  When it comes to lead generation, BlueRush consistently boosts clients’ sales initiatives through email campaigns that retain, inform and grow relationships. BlueRush has also designed and developed hundreds of planning tools and calculators that reside on public sites, adviser login, and newer mobile devices for use in face-to-face meetings. These tools include but are not limited to an array of mortgage and borrowing products, and referral and lead generation for financial advisers.

One of the company’s flagship products is IndiVideo, an interactive, personalized video platform that engages viewers, makes complex topics understandable, and speeds up the buyer journey all while exceeding the security standards of the world’s largest FI’s.  Through interactive video and high-quality graphics, BlueRush creates award-winning educational modules designed to help both the B2C and B2B marketplace do the following, among other things

    • Integrate new or existing products into the sales conversation
    • Convey complex details about new product offerings
    • Illustrate complicated financial concepts

BlueRush supports its clients with category expertise to ensure that their content is tailored perfectly to their target audiences’ expectations and then segmented to the right audience. BlueRush counts on industry research and even conducts its own research to ensure clients’ campaigns meet and exceed target objectives.  Winners of numerous awards, and with offices in the Canadian cities of Toronto and Montreal as well as Herndon, Virginia, BlueRush continues to set high standards in designing and developing integrated technology and marketing solutions for top North American brands.  To learn more about BlueRush, visit or request a demo.