Matic: Providing ‘Effortless Insurance For Your Home’

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Mortgage Partnering with lenders and servicers to greatly simplify the homeowners insurance process, Matic is a fully licensed, independent insurance agency that dramatically reduces the time required to get a policy secured and in place.  Through a collaborative effort that also includes a borrower’s mortgage planner and multiple insurance carriers, Matic works to find the best policy for the customer with a simple click that generates multiple quotes within seconds as opposed to the standard two or three days.  By comparing quotes from numerous top-rated insurance providers, Matic offers home buyers more options — which ultimately lead to better coverage and more optimal pricing.

As far as the home buyer is concerned, Matic is completely, 100% free, with no hidden fees. Instead of charging the buyer for its services, Matic makes money off commission that comes from its carrier partners whenever a buyer chooses to get insurance through Matic.  Broken down into the following easy steps, here’s what Matic — a Columbus, Ohio-based company — does for the soon-to-be-new homeowner.

    • Automatically Pulls Key Data – A mortgage lender has all the information on a home buyer that an insurance provider needs to put a policy in motion. Matic partners up with the mortgage lender to receive this data automatically, which enables 90 percent of the insurance process to be squared away in just seconds. The rest of the process can typically be handled in as few as two minutes.
    • Instantly Generates Quotes From Top Insurance Providers – Using its technical capabilities to the fullest, Matic directly integrates with numerous insurance providers, giving the home buyer quotes in as few as 30 seconds with a simple click on a computer, phone or other electronic device.
    • Chooses The Plan That’s Right For The Home buyer – Matic looks at multiple aspects of a buyer’s property information and loan file and utilizes a combination of machine-learning algorithms and human intelligence to find the best coverage based on price, customer satisfaction and other factors.

Here are a few other important things to know about Matic, in conclusion:

    • It’s often cheaper to acquire homeowners insurance through Matic than working directly with an insurance carrier, because Matic team members are trained to help buyers maximize their applicable discounts.
    • Home buyers aren’t obligated to go with the homeowners insurance policy recommended by Matic, which will gladly walk customers through other potential options from a list of “A” rated carriers.
    • Once a home buyer has accepted a policy from a Matic insurance carrier, Matic will work closely with the mortgage lender to make sure all documentation is ready to go before the loan closes.
    • Visit, email or call 614.388.9838 to learn more about the wonderful resources that Matic has to offer new home buyers.