Cloudvirga Makes Applying Online Easy

online mortgage application

Cloudvirga’s intuitive POS systems provide a user-friendly platform for consumers to do most of the work in completing their application for a home loan. Cloudvirga offers a simple, mobile-friendly program that allows borrowers to:

    • Complete a mortgage application
    • Check their credit score
    • Use a dynamic borrower needs list to determine what is needed from them to complete the loan process
    • Electronically verify their assets
    • Securely upload documents
    • Provide eConsent & account creation
    • View a dashboard with status updates

The intelligent, cloud-based digital mortgage application can instantly pull and reissue credit, and it contains a dynamic borrower needs list to inform the borrower of the documents required to move forward.  Cloudvirga’s Point of Sale (POS) web and mobile technology empower the consumer through a full loan experience. For lenders, it’s the fastest process to get the borrower to sign initial disclosures, order appraisal, verify assets/income electronically, and upload documents in under 45 minutes.  The intelligent mortgage platform provides the fastest process to sign initial disclosures, order appraisal, verify assets and income, and upload documents. This system provides a massive reduction in production cost, while increasing loans per FTE.  By minimizing human work processes and maximizing automated workflows, Cloudvirga is able to dramatically reduce closing times and provide customers with people when they need people, and technology when they prefer technology. In short, home buyers are empowered to do their loan their way.  Learn more about Cloudvirga at or click here to request a demo.