Rocket Appraise Makes The Homebuying Process Easier

digital appraisal

Rocket Appraise, quite simply, connects mortgage lenders with appraisers. With the ability to unearth thousands of innovative appraisers with an easy click of a button, Rocket Appraise pairs mortgage planners and borrowers with appraisers who are ready and waiting to inspect a home — and don’t want to waste any time getting the job done.  Here are the key features offered by Rocket Appraise:

    • Instant Booking – Forget phone tag, manual sourcing and guesswork. Lenders find an appraiser, chose an appraisal date and instantaneously book the inspection on-demand. Borrowers can also schedule these appointments.
    • Appraisers + AI – With inside knowledge of an appraiser’s calendar, travel schedule and workload, Rocket Appraise predicts the best appraiser for your individual needs — and these include your deadline. Through real-time maps, appraisers share their times and locations, empowering lenders to intelligently order and track appraisal process and status.
    • Quality Control – Why bother with appraisers who don’t meet your criteria? Rocket Appraise allows you to filter appraisers through an easy online search, eliminating communication errors and revision requests.

Here’s how to use Rocket Appraise:

    1. Find an Appraiser – Search based on qualifications, location, availability and price, and become connected to this critical part of the closing process.
    2. Order an Appraisal – This can be done through simple web-based order forms connected directly to the appraiser’s business. Clear pricing and timelines are available upon ordering.
    3. Track an Appraisal – Follow the appraisal process with a secure web portal and email status updates. When on time-dates are in question, automatic warnings are sent.

Rocket Appraise is not yet fully launched, nor does its website list a headquarters or home office address, but potential customers can “request early access” by entering their email address on the website.