Intentional Marketing Technologies for Mortgage and Real Estate

intentional marketing technologies

Mortgage marketing has for decades had a difficult time finding its way, and that has certainly been true when it comes to modern marketing platforms and social media advertising. With many smaller brands unable to compete against mortgage giants such as Quicken or larger banks such as Wells Fargo or Bank of America, marketing and sales are based heavily on referrals. With marketing and compliance concerns, a system of record for marketing is every bit as valuable for small companies as being able to leverage their own marketing teams using proven technology.  The way that people search for homes has shifted dramatically and digitally. Mortgage professionals find themselves sponsoring the lead generation that their larger real estate clients provide, along with creating a funnel for Zillow, LendingTree and other online lead sites to regurgitate other agents’ and loan officers’ leads. Perhaps some leads are better than others, but there likely will be much smarter ways to buy much better data in the future.

Companies such as Amazon are preparing to enter the game, which could be a total disruption in how people buy homes.  In an age where the search begins on a phone, you must be prepared to create buyer interest in your product and your vision of the very easy purchase of a home. The experience you offer buyers should be no more challenging than purchasing a car. But it is imperative that it be in front of them before they are ready. You have to tell them where to look before they even decide to buy a house. Behavior analysis and data are going to be critically important facets of building that idea, but these factors pale in comparison to the potential effectiveness of smart re targeting based on buying habits.  The time is now to get smart about technology, the integration of technology, and the creation of marketing and advertising messaging to provide an easy, complete customer journey. Have intent with the future of your mortgage and real estate marketing game plan.