Agent Find Provides Customer Retention Solutions For Mortgage and Real Estate Professionals

customer retention

When loan officers handle transactions with buyers from out of state, a frequent concern is not knowing what real estate agent will be representing their borrower. Agent Find is a service that matches real estate agents with borrowers for home buying transactions on behalf of the loan officer to ensure that the home buyer is in excellent hands through all phases of the transaction.  As an end-to-end borrower retention solution that integrates seamlessly with CRM and LOS programs, Agent Find aims to provide an excellent experience for executives, loan officers and home buyers. Not only does Agent Find match buyers with real estate agents who will meet their needs; it has been proven to increase funding numbers by some 50%.  After consulting with the borrower about his or her real estate needs, Agent Find searches its database for only the top 5% of real estate agents in the country to find the best match for the transaction.

All agents within the database have been hand-selected, vetted and trained. Agent Find works to give the buyer the best possible agent, with a seamless process from pre-approved to funded.  During the loan process, Agent Find will send notifications to the loan officer as deliverables are needed and will send a consolidated report containing all the borrower’s weekly activity. Additionally, Agent Find is partnered with Salesforce, Velocity and other CRM and LOS platforms.  Learn more about Agent Find here.  Click here to request a demo.